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What is Lifting:

Lifting is the surgical correction of the facial skin relaxation and subcutaneous tissues in order to strech them and cease the facial wrinkles or other age signs.

By lifting the doctor achieves:

  • Removal of the excessive loose skin of the face that is particularly manifested by the drop of the eyebrows, the cheeks and the neck.
  • Tightening of fascia and muscle layer under the skin of the face.
  • Elimination or improval of facial wrinkles, grooves and folds caused by the loosening of the facial tissues.
  • Removal of excess fat from the cheeks and the neck.
  • Restoration of the patient’s face at an earlier age.

  Lifting actually reverses the face of the person at an earlier age. The degree of recovery depends on the skill of the surgeon but also on a number of other factors such as age, body weight, skin type, mood, heredity, living conditions and general health status. An idea of ​​the effect of lifting is formed by pulling the neck and the cheeks upwards and backwards with the hands. 


  • Are all ENT examinations performed at your office?

    Yes, except for very specialized vertigo examinations made in special centers
  • Do you prescribe ΕΟΠΥΥ?

    Yes. Your medicines and examinations can be prescribed
  • Do you Audiogram, Tympanogram and endoscopic examinations?

    Yes. All three of these examinations are performed in the office
  • Do you examine children?

     Yes, from the age of 6 onwards.  


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