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Salivary gland diseases are a particular group of Head and Neck disorders that require special management. Appear either acutely, with sudden swelling of the area and intense pain, or slowly with the development of palpable mass in the area. The most common conditions of this group include:

The laryngeal diseases are numerous and the majority of them appear with hoarseness. These include:

  •  Vocal Chord nodules
  • Swelling of vocal chords a disease called Reinke’s oedema
  •  Polyposis of vocal chords
  •  Leukoplakia
  • Cancer of vocal cords

Dr. Kotzampasakis performs a painless video-laryngoscopy, with rigid or flexible endoscope, which highlights and records the problem. The treatment of these conditions is now possible with the use of specialized state-of-the-art devices (LASER)


Inflammation of the tonsils is a very common condition which, with proper medication, can be effectively treated. However, there are cases where the number and severity of episodes require more drastic solutions.

These are:


  • Are all ENT examinations performed at your office?

    Yes, except for very specialized vertigo examinations made in special centers
  • Do you prescribe ΕΟΠΥΥ?

    Yes. Your medicines and examinations can be prescribed
  • Do you Audiogram, Tympanogram and endoscopic examinations?

    Yes. All three of these examinations are performed in the office
  • Do you examine children?

     Yes, from the age of 6 onwards.  


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