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Specialization in Rhinoplasty

Dr. Kotzampasakis has extensive experience in rhinoplasty, having performed a wide range of interventions. Always aiming at a natural result that is in complete harmony with the characteristics of the individual, can bring about the change you desire. Combined with functional interventions such as septoplasty and reduction of lower nasal conchae, both the aesthetic and the functional effect can be improved at the same time. .. .
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  • Following latest scientific updates

  • Excelent knowledge of facial aesthetic procedures

  • Specialization in functional rhinoplasty

    Doctoral thesis
  • Specialization in functional rhinology

    Writing a scientific book
  • Integrated Otorhinolaryngology for all diseases

  • Modern Medical Diagnostic Equipment

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International Publications

Some of the physician's publications in internationally recognized medical journals.

aesthetic magasine
clinical paediatrics

A few words from the doctor

"The quality of human life depends on the harmony and balance between his health, his psyche and his social contacts. Medicine now is the science that in many ways contributes to this very harmony of the characteristics of quality of life. Through a series of targeted and careful interventions, both aesthetical and functional, an excellent result is achieved that satisfies all three of these conditions "


  • Are all ENT examinations performed at your office?

    Yes, except for very specialized vertigo examinations made in special centers
  • Do you prescribe ΕΟΠΥΥ?

    Yes. Your medicines and examinations can be prescribed
  • Do you Audiogram, Tympanogram and endoscopic examinations?

    Yes. All three of these examinations are performed in the office
  • Do you examine children?

     Yes, from the age of 6 onwards.  


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