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This condition is characterized by obstruction of the pore carrying tears from the eye into the nose. As a result, the patient's eye has increased tear flow and, if it gets infected with a pathogen (bacteria), shows inflammation with pain and redness.

Nasal polyposis is a benign disease of the nose and nasal polyps are "gelatinous" mucosal protrusions, like grape berries inside the nose, causing obstruction and difficulty in breathing but mainly loss of smell. This condition is often associated with an allergic background or asthma and needs integrated management to effectively treat it.

Nasal conchae are anatomical structures in the nose that are covered with mucosa. Nasal conchae normally swell in viral infections, allergies, temperature changes, or crying and come back after cease of the cause. That is why we use the phrase "my nose is stuffed"

Sinusitis is a condition that is related to inflammation of paranasal sinuses, ie the closed cavities located around the nose (maxillary sinuses, frontal /sphenoid sinuses and ethmoidal cells), which may be of acute onset(


  • Are all ENT examinations performed at your office?

    Yes, except for very specialized vertigo examinations made in special centers
  • Do you prescribe ΕΟΠΥΥ?

    Yes. Your medicines and examinations can be prescribed
  • Do you Audiogram, Tympanogram and endoscopic examinations?

    Yes. All three of these examinations are performed in the office
  • Do you examine children?

     Yes, from the age of 6 onwards.  


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