This condition is characterized by obstruction of the pore carrying tears from the eye into the nose. As a result, the patient's eye has increased tear flow and, if it gets infected with a pathogen (bacteria), shows inflammation with pain and redness. 

Dacryocystitis requires an otorhinolaryngologist, an ophthalmologist and a radiologist to perform a dacryoscopy. If it is necessary to drain the nasolacrimal sac, it is done endoscopically under general anesthesia and is called dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR).

"The quality of human life depends on the harmony and balance between his health, his psyche, and his social interactions. Medicine, in various ways, contributes to precisely this harmony of life qualities. Through a series of targeted and careful interventions, both aesthetic and functional, an excellent result is achieved that satisfies all three of these conditions."

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