Hypertrophy of lower nasal conchae

Hypertrophy of lower nasal conchae

Nasal conchae are anatomical structures in the nose that are covered with mucosa. Nasal conchae normally swell in viral infections, allergies, temperature changes, or crying and come back after cease of the cause. That is why we use the phrase "my nose is stuffed"

In some patients, however, this swelling becomes excessive and permanent, and is called Hypertrophy of inferior nasal conchae, thereby permanently inhibiting breathing. The most common causes of pathological hypertrophy are allergies, work in a dusty or chemical environments, abuse of decongestant sprays, hypertension and age. The treatment is initially conservative with nasal sprays. However, if conservative treatment does not work, then surgical lysis called the caustic (shrinkage) of the lower nasal compartments is indicated. The operation can be done either under LOCAL or GENERAL anaesthesia and is done using ultrasound, diathermy or radio frequencies device. Examination by an ENT physician will highlight the problem and decide together for the best possible treatment.

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