Nasal Polyps

Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyposis is a benign disease of the nose and nasal polyps are "gelatinous" mucosal protrusions, like grape berries inside the nose, causing obstruction and difficulty in breathing but mainly loss of smell. This condition is often associated with an allergic background or asthma and needs integrated management to effectively treat it.

The treatment of polyps is initially done with endoscopic surgery and then with life-long medication (nasal sprays). Nasal polyps tend to relapse and may require more than one interventions at the end of a ten years period. For this reason, it is important a perfect patient-doctor co-operation as well as a correct treatment to minimize the likelihood of recurrence.

Examination of nasal cavity by using an endoscope, will highlight the severity of the problem and determine the best possible treatment.

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