Inflammation of the tonsils is a very common condition which, with proper medication, can be effectively treated. However, there are cases where the number and severity of episodes require more drastic solutions.

These are:

1. Tonsilolysis::

This is a method of shrinking tonsils with a special ultrasound device. In this way the patient has tonsils intact, which are very useful in the immune system and at the same time significantly reduces the episodes of tonsillitis.

2. Tonsilectomy:

It is the tonsil removal surgery. Clinical and laboratory examination of the patient will highlight the extent of the problem and determine the appropriate treatment.


"The quality of human life depends on the harmony and balance between his health, his psyche, and his social interactions. Medicine, in various ways, contributes to precisely this harmony of life qualities. Through a series of targeted and careful interventions, both aesthetic and functional, an excellent result is achieved that satisfies all three of these conditions."

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